Check out what some of our customers say about Germstar® products:

“We saw the “Germball” on our Caribbean Cruise and loved it!  Now we have a germball at home.”


Sarasota, FL

“I have been a germaphobe before it was cool to be a germaphobe.  I love Germstar® and use it daily.”


Duluth, MN

“My friends call me a germfreak but I love my Germstar® 2-oz bottle and keep it in my car. It is great to use after getting gas.”


Atlanta, GA

“As an over the road driver, I am a germfreak.   Germstar® keeps me clean between washroom visits.”


Fort Smith, AR

“My friends and I started a germaphobe club!  Our kids are way less sickly since we have Germstar® at home.”


Gloucester, MA

“As a Blackjack dealer, I use the germball to protect my health and I like how it makes my hands feel.”


Las Vegas, NV

“I am a classic soccer mom, mini van and all!  We saw your germball on our cruise.  Now I spray my kid’s hands with your small bottle; they rarely get sick.”


Laguna Beach, CA

“I am a college student.  My friends and I are total germfreaks!  We wouldn’t survive without Germstar®, thanks!”


San Diego, CA

“I am an optometrist who discovered your products on a Norwegian Cruise.  They have Germstar®s throughout the ship.  I have found no product better for handling contact lenses.  Thank you, Germstar®!”

-Dr. Paula

New York, NY

“I own a large restaurant.  We started with Germstar® globes in the kitchen, then put a couple out for the customers.  My crew uses the globes between hand washing and I think we have cleaner hands than before; I finally started selling your 2oz. bottles at my cash register because people wanted to know where to buy Germstar®.  That globe at the front door let’s people know we run a clean place.”


West Los Angeles

“I wanted to thank you people at Germstar®.  I work as a corrections Officer in the Federal prison system.  You would not believe the kinds of things we are exposed to each day.  We enjoy having the Germcontrol globes to keep us clean. I carry your small bottle in my truck now.”


Ann Northern California

“Hello my wife and I are full time RVers.  We love your Germstar® 16oz. long pump bottle in our motorhome.  Conserving water and holding tank space is everything while traveling.  Why don’t you have the RV makers build them into the coachs?”


Portland, Oregon

“ I run a 23 person office for a large insurance company.  My husband and I used the Germball on our cruise.  I got our boss to buy some Germballs for our office and everybody loves it!  It seems we are all less sick now.”


Halifax, Pennsylvania

“My brother is a total germaphobe because he works where they slaughter animals.  I gave him some Germstar® bottles for his birthday last year.  He says it was the best gift I ever gave him!  Now, I am becoming a germfreak!”


Chicago, IL

Well folks there you have it!  We receive hundreds of letters like this from people who appreciate the quality of the Germstar® products and are always finding new and creative ways to benefit from the products.  For the record, we refer to our touchless dispensers as Germstar® GLOBES  !!!!!!  Now remember, that Germaphobes who use Germstar®, are at least healthier germfreaks and we love you!  Please keep those letters coming!   And, thank you for your Germstar® business!   BE WELL  !!!