May 2008: 

Germstar® announces the creation of our “Bio-Based - Less Petroleum Carbonate” seal for its Germstar Citrus and Noro hand sanitizing solutions.

In line with Germstar’s philosophy of minimizing environmental impact and reducing dependency on non-renewable petroleum carbonate, foreign or domestic, both our Germstar® Citrus and Noro solution formulations have been tested by an independent, ASTM compliant, test facility using the ASTM International Isotope Standard Method D6866.

The active ingredient in both Germstar® Citrus and Noro solutions is ethanol, a renewable energy resource.  Our solutions contain just four natural ingredients, since no others are necessary to kill 99.99% of most common disease-causing microorganisms. 

In addition to our stringent efforts of minimizing waste, reducing landfill and offering recyclable components for our dispensers, accessories and refills, Germstar is proud to do its part in supporting the industrial and agricultural base of rural communities and preserving our resources for future generations. 

April 2008:

Both hand washing and the use of an alcohol-based sanitizer have been recognized as a significant step in improving employee well-being and reducing illness-related absenteeism. The “development of strategies for promoting and improving hand hygiene” has been added as a requirement to the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a recognized and coveted certification for green building.

Germstar®’s touchless hand sanitizing systems virtually eliminate cross contamination and use solutions with four natural ingredients of highest purity. The active ingredient of Germstar® Citrus and Noro solutions is Ethanol, a renewable energy resource, reducing petroleum carbonate dependency.

Our highly trained hand hygiene specialists offer recommendations, strategies and implementation plans tailored to client’s individual needs; we can assist companies to achieve LEED certification for new and existing buildings.


November 2007:

Germstar® showcases its new Citrus hand sanitizing solution at the Las Vegas Global Gaming Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Over 1,500 exhibitors and 80,000 industry participants from the worldwide gaming community come to see what’s new in gaming technology and products.

Germstar® is featured on the CNN “Eye on Technology” series, which focus on new and innovative products.  Company founder, Horst Binderbauer, is interviewed on the subject of global infection control → see video.

Germstar® retires its former corporate name “Soaptronic” and officially becomes “Germstar,” a wholly owned division of Binderbauer Pharmaceuticals.  In concert with this change, Germstar® launches its new global website to showcase its products and services now available worldwide.



 October 2007:

Germstar® announces two new brands within its hand sanitizer product line.  Germstar Citrus® is a solution targeted for non-critical applications.  It is designed to yield a surgical quality germ kill with a very low alcohol odor and a pleasant citrus fragrance finish.  Germstar Noro® is the other new hand sanitizing solution and was designed for the cruise line industry.  It is backed by extensive laboratory testing, which proves its ability to kill the tough Noro virus (stomach flu) quickly.  These products will be line extensions to the original Germstar® solution, the preferred choice in the health care industry.  Germstar Citrus® and Noro® will be available in a variety of packages to suite the individual customer’s needs.

Germstar® completes a partnership with the Henry Schein Company of Melville, New York.  Schein is a multi billion dollar distributor of products to the medical, dental and veterinary practitioners. 

Germstar® launches its products with Complete Office of Seattle, Washington.  Complete Office is a large scale, rapidly growing, distributor of office supply products from the Midwest to the West Coast.

September 2007:

Germstar® signs on its thirteenth international distributor, thus officially expanding its distribution reach to all continents.

Germstar® makes its debut at the Los Angeles County Fair.  2.4 million fair goers will have the chance to see and experience the famous Germstar® touchless globe hand sanitizer system.  This event represents the first time Germstar® has showcased its products directly to consumers.  Germstar® has donated a significant amount of product for use at the fair’s petting zoo, which is the largest  in the U.S.

July 2006:

Germstar® moves to a larger manufacturing facility in Lake Forest, enabling it to better accommodate the increasing demand for its sanitizing products.

November 2005:

Germstar® signs a contract with one of the largest supplier of dialysis equipment and services nationwide.

September 2004:

Germstar® (Soaptronic) launches its first official website.  The website features extensive information about the company, its founder, team members and its products.

April 1998:

Soaptronic LLC is officially formed by Horst Binderbauer and his son, Dr. Michl Binderbauer, to manufacture and market the world’s best infection control and soap products.