Why Germstar:


Germstar® can be used as often as desirable or needed. It should be used ...

  • After contact with objects/surfaces in public use.

  • Before handling food and edibles.

  • Before/after working in medical facilities.

  • Before/after tending babies and infants.

Consistent hand hygiene is correlated to good health and lower incidence of infectious illnesses.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, 80% of all infectious diseases are spread by means of the hands.

The killing of transient germs, bacterial viruses and fungi reduces infectious illnesses and outbreaks in contained places.

Impact of sanitizing can reduce illness-related sick days, absenteeism, and increases employee general health.

Repeat business can increase up to 50% as a result of the positive image effective sanitizing practices convey to customers.

For a cost of just over a penny a wash, providing hospital quality hand sanitizer is both affordable and sensible protection.