Featured product:  GERMSTAR® NORO


Germstar® Noro is scientifically formulated and certified to kill Norovirus. It has a 63% Ethyl alcohol base as its active ingredient and special emollients which leave no residue and moisturize the hands; the skin is left refreshed with a light mint scent.

Germstar® Noro is derived from Ethanol, a renewable bio-based resource, with less petroleum carbon content, reducing oil dependency.

    Product Merits:

  • Designed to protect cruise line’s passengers and crew, as well as any other facilities where Norovirus is of concern, such as retirement communities and schools.

  • Norovirus (sometimes called the “stomach flu”) causes nausea and vomiting in humans.

  • Both patients and their vomit are highly contagious sources of Norovirus microorganisms.

  • Binderbauer Pharmaceuticals developed Germstar® Noro to have maximum effectiveness on Norovirus, as well as killing 99.99% of common disease-causing germs.

  • Lab results (available upon request from Germstar® general offices) prove its ability to kill Norovirus in 20 seconds of contact time.